Success is taking a little action everyday

Published on Wednesday 07 August 2019 | 1 minute read

Oh man. It's 21:30 on a Wednesday evening and I'm knackered. I just had a full day+ in the office in a new role, then was over for supper with the in-laws before home. I didn't get to write about my #100DaysOfCode yesterday, though I did do some, so it was really important to me that I did today.

It was important to me because I wanted to maintain my winning streak of taking a little action every day. If I didn't write today because I was tired would I be able to write tomorrow, after another full day of work?

It really not always the great days that matter when it comes to making progress on a project. What really matters is turning up on the bad days. They days we don't want to turn up. The days we are too tired to turn up.

Turning up on the good days, and doing a good job on the good days, is the easy part. What matters is what we do when things aren't so easy. Do we give up or do we show up. Now, I'm not advocating putting a ton of pressure on ourselves to do things when they aren't easy. Quite the opposite: I'm saying that it's important to be present. That doesn't have to be a monumental about of work, or forcing ourselves to act when we don't have it in us. We don't need to strive to make amazing improvement, but we do just need to show our faces and make a little progress even if all that progress does is keep us from slipping back.

So I feel really happy right now, because this is my day 11 of #100DaysOfCode and I showed up, I put in the time. It isn't my best work - in fact I spent way too long trying to fix a little bug that kept on escaping my bleary eyes. But I did something and I got my site a step forward, I made progress. And that's aways something to be happy about.


1 hour of code today.

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