Standing on the shoulders of giants

Published on Tuesday 30 July 2019 | 50 second read

For day 7 of #100DaysOfCode today I took inspiration from Adam Wathan and refactored my 'Writing' to 'Journal'.

I'd not been happy with the term 'Writing' thinking maybe 'Articles' was better, but then these posts aren't really articles, and I hadn't wanted to go with 'Blog'. But then seeing 'Journal' on Adam's website I immediately knew it was right.

Journaling is something that I do with pen and paper every day anyway, and it's nice to extend that into this digital journal, related to my work. It also takes pressure off making these posts longer, as blogs tend to be, or more meaningful, as articles tend to be. Win.


Did 2.5 hours of coding today. As well as the refactor I added in the ability to create different types of post - future proofing for articles - and differ post statuses ('pubslished', 'private', 'draft'), all TDD again. In fact, I didn't open my browser for the first two hours. I watched Adam's Test Driven Laravel preview videos, which were super useful.

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