My first package!

Published on Thursday 01 August 2019 | 50 second read

For today's #100DaysOfCode I extracted some custom Mail tests into a package! I've never made a package before, so I'm pretty pleased with myself.

In the process I learned a lot about extending tests to make custom tests, and also it really 'clicked' for me what traits are.

The package is live on my GitHub, so if you want to look it out you can. I'm not giving the link here directly right now, as I want to tidy it up slightly before sharing it.

The same as every developer, I depend on a lot of open source code to do what I do. I'm so pleased about today, as it's my first concrete step toward being able to release my own code as open source. I can of course also contribute to other projects, so I look forward to sharing about having my first pull request accepted, one day soon!


Day 9 of #100DaysOfCode. Extending TestCase with a custom trait. Registered to and made first public package available. 3.5 hours work.

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