Day 8 of #100DaysOfCode

Published on Wednesday 31 July 2019 | 1 minute read

Yesterday refactored my writing route over to a journal route. At the time, I left it so that both routes would work, but I would just link to the journal one from now on.

Today, I added in redirects from writing to journal, and removed all other reference to writing from the site. It feels much tidier now.

Behind the scenes I had to rewrite my tests for the new expected behaviour, then get them from red to green. I now have 20 Feature tests and three Browser tests supporting the site.

I have however run into a snag with one of my tests. I have this code to look out for the presence or absence of an edit button in a feature test:


However, as that page also contacts $faker Latin text, I find that the Latin frequently contains the word "edit" somewhere within it. I need a better solution, as otherwise when I come to setting up my CI it's going to cause my pipeline to keep failing.

-- One hour of coding today - back on track with the intended amount and it feels good. Tomorrow, I have plans to start building out a little time management tool for myself.

#100DaysofCode Day 8

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