A simple newsletter signup

Published on Friday 02 August 2019 | 1 minute read

Today I decided to take a little break from making packages. I found it quite intense learning yesterday, so I wanted a break today.

Instead, I've come back to something I was working on on Wednesday - creating a subscribers list for a newsletter. It would be cool to be able to share a newsletter with people from time to time, so I'm putting in the groundwork for that.

I'm having a great time doing it - so far it's been 100% TDD, and I haven't even created any views to test - it's all in an API. When I have the API all set up, then I'll add in the UI, browser test that, and then make it all public. There is just something so svelte about doing it all headless at this stage. Easier to conceive, easier to manage.

My workflow seems to be evolving something like this:

  • TDD
  • TDD even better if pulled out as a package
  • Make the API side of things first with feature tests
  • Then make the http with browser tests
  • Bring it all together in the project.

This seems to keep things really nice and tidy. It also helps with naming feature/ branches, and having a good convention there. And of course making features as packages makes them super easy for me to reuse later.

That can all be taken too far as well of course. We don't want everything to be a package. That would be silly. But keeping things nice and separated and re-usable where possible makes a lot of sense.


1 hour of code today. Day 10 of #100DaysOfCode - 10% of the way there already!

I've decided that doing 100 days back to back isn't good for giving oneself the time reflect and consolidate one's thoughts - so important in the creative process. So I will now only be doing this five days a week, Monday to Friday. A much better approach.

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