A running streak of two

Published on Thursday 25 July 2019 | 1 minute read

Yesterday I wrote about 100 days of code on this website - making 100 days of tiny incremental changes that compound into big change over time.

An import aspect in the success of this will be turning up every day. It's better to turn up and do something each day, even if it isn't your best, than not show up at all in the hope that the next time you do it will be your best.

Our best is to maintain a solid process, and let the outcomes cascade from that. My process in this 100 days of coding on edforrest.com is to turn up every day for 100 days.

So here I am, day two. Today, I added a page that lists and links to my recent posts, and a link to that page from the home page. It took me, including writing this post, one and a half hours. As time is short each day, and I want to keep this to max one hour each day, I need to look for efficiencies in my workflow, and keep my daily goals manageable.

Tomorrow, I'll add the ability for me to edit my posts (and remove those awkward typos... 🙈)

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